Free like the wind

Libres Como el Viento” is a love story of today university students. It is a modern life chronicle from pragmatic point of view. It is a story of love between Fabiola Azcarate, the youngest of five children in the family, and Miguel Angel, the only son of Acarate estate manager.

After her father’s death Fabiola is leaving her native country for study. She is going to get a bachelor degree at the university. But the nostalgia will make her come back home, although she doesn’t know the Destiny has prepared a surprise for her at her motherland, a great love from her early youth will meet her soon again.

After Fabiola’s arrival she will find her brothers to be in discussion about her father’s inheritance. Brothers cannot make a final decision what to do with it: leave father’s business or fight for it. They can’t find the solution satisfied for everybody and the family friendship is cracking.

Another part of story tells us about Miguel Angel. He is a grown-up strong man who independent and successful. Miguel met Fabiola three years ago, but the life separated them. Now Miguel is surrounded by care of Tibisay, a sensual woman ready to do everything in order to get Miguel’s love.

Miguel and Fabiola will meet again in Nicolas Copernico University and the fire of their love will burn again. Their relations are young and free as air.

The background for their love is not carefree! The Nicolas Copernico University is involved into a struggle between two opposite bands fighting for control over university. The first band is led by Diego Bravo whose goal is to separate all students and make them live in war. Diego’s adversary is Reinaldo Torres, who tries to unite people around into one strong Union of University Students.

But there are not only students who lead the Union of University Students. Two teachers Rogelio Luciente and Ivana Galan are also at the head of this Union. Rogelio turns into a Union Center Figure while Ivana is his right hand and his best assistant in this struggle. Together they are a great example of love wings power that unites two different worlds into one reality.

Dad Dáger is pregnant!

She found out while she was working at the soap 'Libres como el viento'(Free like the wind),where she plays a universitary teacher named Ivana Galván.She leaved the cast of 'Libres como el viento'(Free like the wind) because of the pregnancy,

Dad is married with Alejandro Rivalta for 5 years .